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 Information about making an application

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PostSubject: Information about making an application   Mon Oct 15, 2007 5:36 am

We are English speaking guild and will be raiding in a GMT time zone meaning any future raiding will be done from 07:00 or 8:00 pm server time till whenever is needed (23:00 or 00:00 - 01:00 latest) 3-5 days per week.

Only specific classes are accepted to keep the guild well balanced. We will keep this sticky updated with the needed classes and the numbers we need.

Please make your application as elaborate as possible(name, age, nationality, game experience, proffesions,etc etc). As a note gear is not as important as we looking for individuals dedicated to the game and guild progress.

The topic should contain you char name and class. The body of the posting should contain the below list and your answers:

1. Your characters name, race, class, HP, Mana, and unbuffed resistances.

2. Your professions - and any special recipies.

3. Your current gear and spec, why you chose these items and why you chose those talent points - prefferably a link to an armoury profile.

4. Previous guild? If yes - why did you leave - or why do you want to leave?

5. What is you raiding experience (MC, BWL, AQ,etc)?

6. What can you offer Merenion, and what do you expect from Merenion?

7. Do you know anyone in Merenion that can speak your case within the guild?

8. You are expected to attend raids Friday's, Saturday's, Sunday's and Monday's does this give you any issues? (this may change)

9. Do you have alot of lag/disconnects/computer-problems?

10. Will you respec if the guild will benefit from a respec?

11. How active do you consider yourself? How many hours a day do you play?

12. Attunements, Karazhan attuned, status with all Outland 5 man instance factions (honoured/revered)

13. Tell us a little about yourself - Your age needs to be included.
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Information about making an application
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